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Our Story

In 2016, Lisa and Paul Crawford (plus kids, assorted animals, and a mother-in-law) struck out eastward from Colorado with adventure in their hearts, trading snow-capped peaks for white-capped saltwater.  They realized very quickly that, for all Florida has to offer, it was particularly lacking in high-quality sushi and discount groceries!  Well, Lisa won THAT coin toss, and we've never looked back. (And thankfully the sushi situation has improved dramatically!)

In the Spring of 2018, we leased a small former grocery store in North Fort Myers, and over a few months, with the help of a handful of associates, turned it into something that we are still VERY proud of.  Since then, we've added two additional locations, many more associates, countless memories, and many new friends.  


The soul of Sunflower is to work hard and play hard, as it's no easy task to do what we do, finding proverbial diamonds in the rough.  It is endlessly rewarding though as we watch, every day, people surprised and ecstatic when they get to enjoy the savings that we're able to bring!

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